Teeth Cleansing Mousse


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BAKING SODA Teeth Cleansing White Mousse


Product Description:

For oral problems:
1. Incomplete: the toothbrush cannot reach between the teeth and stains remain
2. Less frequency: only two brushes in the morning and evening, the pigment accumulates and the breath is spontaneous
3. Inconvenient: at critical moments, it is impossible to clean at any time

Advantages: 360° into the corner of the mouth
Delicate: easy to clean, no residue between teeth
Refreshing: gentle cleansing, care for tooth enamel
Convenient and quick: the bubble can be produced with a single tap
Avoid pollution and waste: quantitative release, subvert the traditional method of using toothpaste

scenes to be used:
1. In a hurry to work: rinse your teeth in 10 seconds
2. Snacks, after meals, after smoking: rinse your teeth without odor
3. Traveling on business: a bottle of dual use, no toothpaste required

Product Name: BAKING SODA Teeth Cleansing Mousse
Net content: 60ml
made in China
Ingredients: baking soda, sea salt, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, licorice extract, vitamin C
Efficacy: clean the mouth, freshen the breath, care for the gums, bright and shiny teeth
Applicable people: people with bad mouth smell and tooth stains