Smart Soaking Shoes


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Smart Soaking Shoes


Smart Soaking Shoes: These soaking shoes are highly acclaimed worldwide and have received multiple international recognition and awards. These shoes are tested for cracked feet and return to normal skin of the feet. We have won a gold medal at the Geneva Innovation Show for the success and effectiveness of these socking shoes. These shoes also have American patents and UK trademarks.

Foot treatment: Feel healthy and beautiful feet using our shoes. Our researched and specialized foot cleansing formulas use natural osmosis methods that help to rejuvenate the skin, restore normal feet and create a fresh odorless environment.

Comfortable experience: The shoe is made of mesh, with high-density SBR foam and a non-slip sole. These shoes can be used indoors, outdoors, and all over the place and are very comfortable. The inside of the shoe is easily ventilated so you will never feel like your feet are locked. This shoe is very useful for removing dead skin. Our Slip-On Shoes are best for diabetic patients and support the soles of the feet.

Best Gifts for Loved Ones: These shoes can be a nice and beautiful gift for your diabetic father or mother with sensitive sore feet or your friend’s cracked feet.

Suitable for any foot: This shoe is not only for patients but also for all people who want to keep their feet healthy. Wants to care for the feet in a hassle-free manner. The materials used to make these shoes are used in such a way that any foot will fit nicely in these shoes and ensure a maximum comfortable environment for the feet.

How to get rid of cracked feet:

Pour a little water on your shoes, then wear them and walk for at least 45 minutes. In this way, after 7-14 days of use, your feet will be completely healed.

Easily cleanable:
Our shoes can be easily cleaned. You can simply clean these shoes in any washing machine or by hand. Your shoes will look new again.
Care should be taken to keep the water warm and below 30 degrees. Then the shoes will be much more durable and there will be no change in shape.